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Telescopic Covers

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality Telescopic Covers & Bellows to our clients. These covers and bellows are available in various shapes and sizes, so as to gratify the varying needs of our clients.

Roof Shape Telescopic Cover

This design is always advisable when cooling lubricants are used. The inclined surface allows the water – and naturally also the chips – to run off more easily. With large covers (> 3 m width) for reasons of stability, etc. at least three roof angles should be provided.

Telescopic Cover with Shape incline to one side

The shape with incline to one side has a special roof shape. Depending on the possible incline, covers can be constructed with widths of up to 1.5 m. This shape is likewise a recommended solution when large amounts of coolant are present. Depending on the angle of incline, this form also helps to discharge coolants / chips.

With Telescopic coveryour valuable equipment will be protected from hot or heavy chip loads, dirt, oil, coolants, and from accidental damage caused by dropped tools and work pieces.

Bellow cover

WELKIN TECH bellows are used on all kinds of machine to provide protection for guide way sand spindles, in those cases where no hot chips are present and accessibility is not are quirement. Bellows can be individually produced from a range of different materials, depending on your specific requirements.

Machine tools come in a wide variety of designs. That is why a modern lathe needs another type of telescopic cover than, for example, a large bed-type milling machine.The following designs provides an overview of typical designs.

Apron cover

Roll way cover

Spiral Spring

Guiad Wiper